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Geplaatst op 12 Augustus 2019 door Fabio Mollica

My trip went just perfect.
I can't even write much about our luggage logistics because it happened so easy and smooth that I did not even remember it was happening. handled it so nice, that we could just keep doing our stuff in peace... and as we got to the next hotels, just like magic: our luggage was there.

Geplaatst op 12 Augustus 2019 door Martin Kocks

Sehr zuverlässige Abholung und Zusendung unserer Koffer bei unserer 5 tägigen Radtour. Wir waren sehr zufrieden. Gerne wieder. 😀👍

Geplaatst op 14 Juni 2018 door Peter

2018-06-13 12:44:16

Uitstekende service !!! Ook de communicatie via
email van de afleveringsbevestiging.

Geplaatst op 26 Februari 2018 door Anonymous


I want to thank you and your team on handling all the logistics on our recent trip from Brugge to Amsterdam. All ten of us had an outstanding time. The luggage was always at the hotel when we arrived. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to experience the charm and beauty of the Netherlands on a bike.

Geplaatst op 02 September 2017 door Laura Landa

Really amazing and charming service. We have used a number of couriers across Europe, none got anywhere close to the service here. Superb communication. BIG thanks to everyone on the team, especially Cor and Emmanuel, you were a key part of a fantastic holiday.

Geplaatst op 15 Augustus 2017 door Ramona Mississauga, Canada

6 juni 2017

Our daily luggage transfers (also arranged by Rebecca) was problems at all.

Geplaatst op 15 Augustus 2017 door Sally635 Burlington, Canada

9 juli

Our luggage was moved every day and was always there waiting for us when we arrived.

Geplaatst op 15 Augustus 2017 door Crghse Victoria, Canada

25 juni

My luggage transferred from city to city and it ALWAYS arrived on time at my selected hotels

Geplaatst op 15 Augustus 2017 door Jorge Lin

7 mei 13:36

One of the best trips of our lives. Great experience and admiration for your country. Best regards.

Geplaatst op 15 Augustus 2017 door Peter en Yvonne van D.

12 aug 12:48

Dank je!! Topservice!! Is perfect verlopen. Complimenten! Een echte Aanrader !!

Geplaatst op 14 Augustus 2017 door SenJ

14 aug 21:10

Vielen Dank für den guten Transport unserer Taschen. Wie werden sie weiter empfehlen.
Gruß Sabine und Joachim O***.

Geplaatst op 13 Augustus 2017 door Een fietser

2017-08-11 15:42:52

Super goed geregeld!! Ik stond met mijn handen in
mijn haar toen de NS geen fietskar wilde meenemen.
Door kort te schakelen met KDB kon de vakantie
afgemaakt worden en was de fietskar een dag later
weer thuis in Leusden. Ontzettend bedankt!!!

Geplaatst op 20 Mei 2017 door ShayBug

We used for baggage transport (no bike hire), because we took our own bikes on the ferry from Newcastle to Ijmuiden. We were initially two groups, one of 7 (arriving Friday morning) and a second group of 4 (arriving Saturday morning) before we joined together on Saturday evening. met each group at the ferry terminal and then transported all bags to our various destinations over a period of four days. The driver, Angela G., was prompt, polite and helpful. There were no hiccups and was very responsive to emails. I found it very difficult to find a company who would simply transport the luggage (our distance over 4 days was about 200 miles) and who would meet our needs. I would certainly recommend going by our our experience.

Geplaatst op 20 Mei 2017 door HowdoSarasota arranged for our luggage to be transferred to our destination hotel each day and that worked flawlessly.

Geplaatst op 05 Februari 2016 door Marquina A

2015-05-30 22:52:21

We\'v had a great route and luggage forwarding
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